FaZe Mew hits 800k Twitch followers mid-trickshot

The Twitch streamer brought up his live follower count as he was attempting the trickshot


Kerry ‘Mew’ Nguyen is a streamer and content creator known for his trickshots and making Fortnite plays that us mortals can only dream of. His tricks are so prolific, in fact, that top esports organisation FaZe Clan signed him in 2018.

A 360 no-scope is nothing compared to what Mew pulls out of his bag on a casual stream, but he had something special planned for when he hit 800,000 followers on Twitch. All of the biggest streamers plan special events for hitting follower milestones, but they usually involve giveaways or marathon streams.

As one of the biggest esports games, Fortnite has a big following on streaming platforms. Whether viewers are looking for pro gameplay, casual fun, or interactive streams that they can join in with custom matches, there’s something for everyone. And, as of yesterday, 800,000 people follow Mew for his impressive trickshots.

You can check out his milestone trickshot here:

As you can see Mew uses his last Shockwave Grenade to bounce high into the air, before bringing up a window with his live follower count over his Fortnite game. He times it perfectly as the count races over 800,000.

After a quick cheer Mew jumps back into his Fortnite game to no-scope his opponent, who is a mere speck on the horizon. Victory Royale. The celebrations can then ensue in full, and Mew goes wild at his trickshot/follower combo. Surely this is the smoothest way anyone has ever hit 800,000 subs?