Fortnite pro Dubs prepared “to take a stand” against derogatory terms

FaZe Dubs has completed his sensitivity training after being banned for using a racial slur


One month on from using a derogatory racial slur on stream, Fortnite player Daniel ‘Dubs’ Walsh says he has a refreshed outlook on life after completing mandatory sensitivity training. The esports professional was forced to undertake the training alongside his FaZe Clan teammates after he was banned from Twitch in February.

The 15-year-old, who has posted a lengthy statement on Twitter, says he is appalled by his past behaviour and now understands the “history and the original use” of some of the most commonly misused offensive words. Since undertaking his training he says he will do his best to stand up and challenge those who use derogatory words and encouraged his community to do the same.

“The biggest lesson I learned was about the history of how these words were originally used and how they changed into derogatory words over time. These words have an entirely new meaning in my mind and I am appalled that I once used them so carelessly,” FaZe Dubs writes on Twitter.

“I am determined to take a stand against the use of these hurtful words and to further live by the motto – “think before you speak.” Taking action through use of this motto is necessary for me, and any of us, who want to become better versions of ourselves.”

Dubs, who hasn’t played Fortnite since the incident at the end of February, says he’s also thankful for his time away from the game. He believes it’s given him a better understanding of his position, which ultimately is down to his community.

Although Dubs hasn’t said when he’ll announce to competitive play, given he’s completed the mandatory training issued by FaZe, and apologised for his actions, he should be free to compete again soon. Except this time, the 15-year-old will be watching what he says and keeping an eye on others at the same time.