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Fortnite Daily Bugle POI changes teased for next update

Looking forward to dropping at The Daily Bugle POI in Fortnite? Well, you might not have much more chance to do so as it looks like this location is changing

Fortnite Daily Bugle POI changes: an image of Zero War Spiderman in action

We know it’s been a busy week for Fortnite players, but there’s a lot going on this No Sweat Summer – and it’s going to stay that way next week, too. Tweeting via the Fortnite Competitive account, Epic Games has just confirmed that the Fortnite Daily Bugle POI changes we’ve all been talking about for weeks now are finally on the way. It looks like Fortnite Island’s Daily Bugle building will become the Daily Bloomgle building in update 21.40.

“Heads up competitors”, the Fortnite Competitive account began, “a northeast POI will be getting a major change in the next game update ahead of our Battle Royale Console Champions Cup. Make sure you have more than one drop spot you’re comfortable with.”

While it’s not a statement that directly confirms that the Daily Bugle POI will be changed in the 21.40 update coming to Fortnite next week, that information can be inferred from the reference to the upcoming Champions Cup and information shared online by reliable Fortnite leakers ‘HYPEX’ and ‘iFireMonkey’.

Looking at the upcoming schedule of competitive Fortnite events, it can be seen that the Battle Royale Console Champions Cup is due to start on Friday, August 19, just one week after the Zero Build version of this competition. When you couple this information with the fact that Epic Games almost always releases major title updates for Fortnite on a Tuesday, it’s clear that any major POI changes that are due to take place before the aforementioned competition should be released on August 16.

As for the fact that the Daily Bugle POI has been fingered as the one changing in the next update? Well, aside from the fact that both HYPEX and iFireMonkey are reliable sources, it’s really the only POI in Fortnite that you could confidently consider “northeast” – as per the Fortnite Competitive tweet.

The Daily Bugle isn’t the only Fortnite POI to be altered by the Reality Bloom in an update during Chapter 3 Season 3. Sleepy Sounds and Condo Canyon are just two examples of where this strange flora has had an impact. We don’t know what the new Daily Bloomgle will look like, but these constant updates are a good reminder that this is one of the best battle royale games on the market right now.