Bumpaah believes competitive Fortnite is missing the passion shown by CS:GO fans

Bumpaah believes


A Fortnite pro who admits he’s worn down from playing the game at the highest competitive level says the esport will never be as successful as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because the player base doesn’t love playing the game at heart.

Bumpaah, who used to be a Global Elite in CS:GO many years ago, gave his damning view on the Hotline Fortnite show on Twitch after talking about the future of the esport and the amount of pros who have considered making the switch to another title like Valorant.

“I loved playing Counter-Strike competitively,” Bumpaah says in the clip which you can watch below. “The thing that should hold a competitive community should not be ‘oh, I can go pro in this game’ and I can make money.’ The glue that should hold the competitive community together should be the love for playing the game competitively.

“It’s why I was playing MG matchmaking in Counter-Strike today that I’m not even taking fucking seriously because it’s a god damn joke and I’ve got this guy on my team trying to IGL me. Like that guy loves competitive Counter-Strike with all his heart even though he’ll never make a dime. He loves the game and that’s why the fanbase is so strong and that’s why the player numbers are still going up. That’s what Fortnite is missing.”

His comments have struck a chord with CS:GO fans too, with the clip making the front page of the popular Global Offensive subreddit. Fans of both games feel like Epic Games has chosen to prioritise casual players over competitive, leading to frustrations for players and fans who want the game’s esports scene to succeed.

“Playing and experiencing a stacked end game in Fortnite is an incredible and unique experience that no other game can offer,” Bumpaah continues on Reddit. “Epic could use that to push this game so high in esports but they choose to push crap updates and funnel money into tournaments with dogshit formats.”

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