CS:GO map Dust 2 has been perfectly recreated in Fortnite Creative

The designers also promise that you can one deag... Nice

Dust 2 in Fortnite

Fortnite Creative gives fans of the battle royale the tools to make pretty much whatever they want. And there aren’t many who put those tools to better use than Team Evolve.

The team of Creative-obsessed designers – who built the map used for the Fortnite Creative Showdown tournament at last summer’s World Cup – are renowned for making some awesome experiences and spectacles. They’ve now recreated one of CS:GO’s most iconic maps, Dust 2, and will open its doors to players very soon.

Using only the tools given to them in Creative, Team Evolve has done an incredible jump of bringing Dust 2 into the mode. What’s more, you’ll be able to get the full CS:GO experience on the map as Search and Destroy will be an available game mode to play. Team Evolve has also added a lot of details to make it feel as CS:GO-like as possible, according to one of the level designers on Reddit. StormHawk (u/gladboii) says Deagles will be in the game that “can one deag people” and building, one of the key elements of the battle royale, will be disabled for an authentic CS:GO experience.

StormHawk does sadly admit that there is no way to code wall-banging into the game mode, but wants to add it if it ever becomes feasible in Creative.

While Search and Destroy will be the mode hardcore CS:GO fans will be looking forward to trying on Creative, the designer also confirms that Team Deathmatch, FFA Deathmatch, and Gun Game will be available to play as well.

While there’s no official launch date at present, Team Evolve hopes to let players in to its Dust 2 recreation within the next few days. The team claims that if it receives a good reception, they may look into doing more CS:GO remakes, citing Inferno and Mirage as two maps they’d like to have a crack at next.