Fortnite Creative codes: the best custom maps and modes in 2022

Looking for Fortnite Creative codes? These will get your creative juices flowing

Thanos dashing across a Rainbow coloured road

Fortnite Creative has been an influential component of the game since the mode was introduced over two years ago. This game mode vastly differs from the regular battle royale portion of Fortnite, and allows players to flex their creative muscles with new maps and modes.

Ever since Epic Games has started to finesse the mode and showcase some of the very best designs within the Creative Hub, the interest in Fortnite Creative codes has soared – and with good reason. From maps that help train your aim to maps that’ll give you and the rest of your squad jumpscares, there’s something out there for everyone.

With hundreds of maps and modes being created every single day, it can be tricky to find one that you actually enjoy playing. So to help you find the perfect map, we’ve gone through the Creative Hub to find the best Fortnite creative codes out there.

Fortnite Creative Codes

These are the best Fortnite Creative Codes for you to play around with this month.

Realistic solos

  • Code: 0621-9943-2516

This map has received a lot of attention on the Creative Hub recently and it’s not hard to see why. Realistic Solos pits you against 15 other players in an end-game scenario across a variety of different terrains. From end circles over Lazy Lagoon and Risky Reels, this map is the premier warm up map for players of late.

Kalashnikov Aim and Edit course

  • Code: 8898-7406-1141

Fortnite Creative Codes aren’t all about fun and games – some, like this one, give you the space to better yourself.

The Kalashnikov Aim and Edit Course does an excellent job at incorporating some of the most important features of Fortnite in one course so you can train both you aim and your edit skills in one full swoop.

Andy's Room from Toy Story recreated in Fortnite

Toy Story Prop Hunt

  • Code: 5530-6235-0681

Looking for something nice and chill to play? Prop Hunt is exactly that. This much-loved mode has been given a Toy Story reskin where you’ll be forced to hide in plain sight in Andy’s colourful bedroom.

200 Level Default Deathrun

  • Code: 8368-4039-3220

Deathruns intially rose to fame in 2019, with Jack ‘Cizzorz’ Cizek helping to popularise the mode. Since then, Fortnite players have taken the idea and run with it, so much so that we’re seeing 200 level deathrun courses.

This map is slightly different from the rest out there though and was recently featured by Epic Games as March’s map of the month.

Freaky Flights V2

  • Code: 4839-4130-3813

Freaky Flights is a Fortnite Creative map that takes inspiration from the Air Royale game mode that was available to play in Chapter 1. The battle royale mode is centered around airplanes, and players have to take to the skies to win exhilarating air battles.

This map is a nice change of pace, as it does not appear Fortnite will be adding planes back into the game anytime soon.

Turbo Dash: Neo City

  • Code: 7970-5396-1464

Turbo Dash, another map that’s been featured recently, is perhaps one of the most thrilling Creative maps we have come across on the platform.

Players are thrown into a metropolis in a giant game of tag. But, be warned: there’s a twist.  Those chosen as the taggers will be eliminated after 30 seconds, so you’ll need to be quick on your feet to tag everyone in time.

Alverton Hills: Livingston

  • Code: 2951-2235-6812

Perhaps one of the most well-known Horror Fortnite maps, Alverton Hills is still one of the best Fortnite Creative maps to check out. From spooky enemies to brain-breaking puzzles, this map brings the best Fortnite features together and will keep you on your toes.

Trickshot Utopia V2 *matchmaking*

  • Code: 6791-3236-9115

Rounding out our list of best Fortnite Creative maps is perhaps one of the best to goof around on with some friends. Trickshotting has been a concept within gaming since the earlier Call of Duty days, and it has seemingly carried over to Fortnite with the help of some creative maps.

Trickshot Utopia V2 allows players to test out their craziest shots and  snag some amazing clips in the process!

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So, that’s a roundup of some of the best Fortnite Creative codes that you should check out right now. We made sure to include a variety of different maps, so there’s something to play regardless of your mood.

When you’re ready to head back to the standard battle royale, make sure you give our Fortnite best weapons game a read before you board the battle bus.