Pro player Aydan banned on Fortnite for smurfing

Ghost Aydan

Popular streamer and professional Fortnite player Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad has had a secondary account banned live on stream for smurfing.

Aydan, who is signed to esports organisation Ghost Gaming, was using an alternative account named ‘Cpt. Aim Assist’ when the ban happened. During the livestream, Aydan asked subscribers to enter Trios Arena lobbies with him and immediately eliminate themselves by jumping off the map so that he could have the rest of the lobby to himself in order to get a high number of eliminations.

When he received a 24 hour ban on his alternative account for “exploitation”, he simply laughed it off, saying “let’s go chat” and “that’s comedy”. He then switched to his main account and continued to stream Fortnite gameplay. The livestream peaked at over 18,000 viewers, according to TwitchTracker.

Streamers often resort to smurfing as their personal accounts usually have extremely high levels which will then cause them to be matched with similarly skilled players. By using an low-levelled alternative account, streamers can then face lower-skilled opponents, making it easier to get high kill games.

Aydan, who has over 1.3 million followers on Twitch, competed at the Fortnite World Cup Duos tournament in July 2019 with Ghost teammate Sean ‘Sean’ Close, finishing 37th out of 50.

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