Yoshi-P reveals his favourite Final Fantasy summon

After revealing a brand new trailer, Yoshi-P has revealed which Final Fantasy summon he has grown to love over the course of developing 14 and 16

Final Fantasy 16 Yoshi-P Favourite Summon: Naoki Yoshida can be seen sitting in a chair.

Naoki Yoshida (nicknamed Yoshi-P by Final Fantasy fans) graced us all with a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer during Sony’s State of Play on June 2. But, in a follow-up interview with the PlayStation Blog, the Japanese developer has revealed his favourite summon in the Final Fantasy series, although it might not be the same for Final Fantasy 16.

Despite the love for Shiva within the Final Fantasy community and some of the more unique-looking summons like Garuda, Yoshi-P has confirmed that his favourite Final Fantasy summon is Bahamut. Sometimes dubbed “The Dragon King” Bahamut is one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic summons and is typically considered to be the strongest in any storyline. Although, that is still yet to be discovered when it comes to Final Fantasy 16.

When discussing why Bahamut is his favourite, Yoshida goes on to say that “he doesn’t just destroy his enemies, but the ground they’re standing on – even whole planets!” “Every time he appears, you know something incredible is about to happen.”

Yoshida doesn’t say if Bahamut is his favourite summon in Final Fantasy 16 as “it’s bound to result in a lot of speculation” when it comes to which one is his favourite, he said. But, given that he says it may cause some discussion, we can guess that he may have a new favourite.

However, with a large roster of summons: Phoenix, Garuda, Titan, Ramuh, Odin, Bahamut, Ifrit, and Shiva, Final Fantasy 16 is definitely going to divide fans when it comes to who is their most beloved.

The last trailer for the game, titled “Dominance” featured the summons heavily and suggests that they will play a major role in the overarching narrative of Final Fantasy 16. That trailer confirmed a Summer 2023 release window, which means the game has a full year of polish and debugging (something Yoshida talks about in the interview).

So, by the time it hits our PS5 consoles or PCs, it should be in tip-top shape and avoid some of the issues we saw with Final Fantasy 15.