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A simple mathematical error has caused a huge FIFA 23 SBC problem

It's not only fans struggling to get their head around the new chemistry system in FIFA 23, developers are as well based on these SBC requirements

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September 22 (12:27 ET) EA Sports is investigating the bugged SBCs.

The week before the launch of any FIFA game is like Christmas for football fans and that’s because players can finally start assembling their football dream team using packs earned through Squad Building Challenges on the Web App. Except this year, thanks to the changes made to chemistry in-game, two of FIFA 23’s notoriously difficult SBCs have been made impossible to complete.

First XI and Around the World are the final SBCs in the Hybrid Leagues and Hybrid Nations set, and while players have already found solutions to both of them, they can’t actually submit them. That’s because the developer has somehow bungled the maths along the way.

Around the World, for example requires every player to have two chemistry points of their own – which can be earned by playing them alongside players of the same league, club, or nationality – as well as 24 chemistry points as a squad. However, with 11 players in a team needing two points each, the squad requirement should be 22 points, not 24.

First XI, on the other hand, says it needs a minimum of two chemistry points per player, but when you go to submit it, it says you need exactly two points – something that’s just not doable with a minimum of 27 squad points.

Players are also reporting that some SBCs won’t let them submit their teams, causing frustration online, especially since the early days of the web app are where long-time traders make their money.

A spokesperson for EA Sports noted that the SBC bugs have been logged on Trello and are currently being investigated. A timescale for a fix has not been given.

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