FIFA 23 devs “focused” on bringing cross-play to Pro Clubs

FIFA 23 will finally get cross-play at launch, but not for team modes like Pro Clubs, something EA Sports has acknowledged as being frustrating

FIFA 23 pro clubs crossplay: A female player in an orange and blue kit looks up into the stands of a stadium in FIFA 23

We’ve arrived at the next station on the FIFA 23 hype train, and it’s all about Pro Clubs and Volta. EA Sports has released some new information on both modes, which will now share the same progression system and align more closely, but has also addressed criticism levelled at it from Pro Clubs fans for FIFA 23 crossplay being tied to 1v1 modes only at launch.

Earlier this year, the cross-play announcement was met with a combination of joy and exasperation as the long-requested feature was finally being added, but team modes like Pro Clubs, Volta, and FUT Co-op would have to wait until after launch to feel the benefits of it. EA Sports has clearly felt the need to address this, kicking off the Pro Clubs and Volta Pitch Notes article with an acknowledgement of the situation.

“I share your desire to see cross-play in Pro Clubs, and understand the frustrations for not seeing it included in the launch of FIFA 23,” says Richard Waltz, game design director for Pro Clubs and Volta. “While we’re excited with the first steps to bring new cross-play features to FIFA 23, we also recognize what cross-play functionality could mean to the Pro Clubs mode with the potential for improving matchmaking and allowing friends from different platforms of the same generation to play together.

“With the scale of such an important feature, our goal is to bring you the best possible experiences. As we look at our cross-play future, we’re focused on matchmaking in Pro Clubs, VOLTA, and FUT Co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invites and ultimately cross-platform Pro Clubs.”

While there’s no indication of how long Pro Clubs players will be waiting for the feature, it seems it is something that is currently being worked on, and this acknowledgement will at least reassure fans that they aren’t going unheard.

In terms of what improvements Pro Clubs will actually get when FIFA 23 launches, there are a few worth highlighting in particular. The headline feature is that the mode now shares a progression and customisation system with Volta, meaning your Pro can level up and improve across both experiences.

Pro Clubs’ notoriously dull drop-in matches have also been improved for FIFA 23. The experience will feel less monotonous thanks to kits and stadiums being rotated for each match, you’ll get post-match accolades to highlight the best performers, and games will now only have four minute halves and golden goal instead of extra time and penalties.

For a rundown of all the changes coming to Pro Clubs and Volta, check out this Pitch Notes article or the video above.

With the FIFA 23 release date fast approaching, news is being dropped thick and fast. While you wait for the next batch of info, check out some of the new FIFA 23 Hero cards coming to Ultimate Team this year.