EA Sports scores an own goal, releases FIFA 23 a month early

Look out, there are plenty of FIFA 23 leaks to be had thanks to EA Sports accidentally releasing the game a month earlier than planned

FIFA 23 leak early access: a female football player in Pro Clubs kit

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the FIFA 23 release date, you’ll be well aware that the early access period for those that have pre-ordered is still a little way off yet. However, a few players have somehow got into FIFA 23 EA Play trial weeks ahead of release, giving us our first proper glimpse at the game and the FIFA 23 ratings.

‘kk09Jeff’, who’s streaming on Twitch right now, says he got access to the demo earlier today after downloading it on Xbox Series X using the EA Play Trial – something The Loadout has not been able to replicate. A quick check of Twitter shows countless of other players exploring the game and all its offerings.

At the moment, players are only able to play Kick Off (apart from the select few who seem to have access to the full game) While the likes of Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Manchester United are not included in the demo, that’s not stopped players mining the game for all its worth.

As such, we’ve got a pretty good look at this year’s ratings, which has – understandably – sparked a pretty interesting conversation about which player’s upgrades and downgrades are warranted. At the top of the pack seems to be FIFA 23 poster boy Mbappe with an OVR 91 rating, alongside Messi, and Benzema.

Salah, Van Dijk, and Ronaldo are apparently coming in at the 90 mark – which is a considerable downgrade for the latter, while Haalaan, Cancelo, Kroos, Modric, and Donnarumma come in at the 88 mark.

The FIFA subreddit has become leak central too, with the game’s full soundtrack, stadiums, and never-been-seen-before kits all hitting the front page.

While the players will certainly relish in the delight of getting the chance to play FIFA 23 early, this is a huge blow to EA Sports who rely on their partnerships with clubs to market the game ahead of release.