Don’t worry FIFA fans, the grass will be greener in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has made improvements to its presentation package, its net physics, its crowds, and even its grass - there's some serious attention to detail

FIFA 23 graphics: A group of players from Manchester City's women's team celebrate in a huddle in rainy conditions

For those unimpressed by this year’s offering from EA Sports, fear not, because the grass is going to be greener when FIFA 23 drops next month. No, seriously, it really is.

Loads of new FIFA 23 information has just dropped, mainly focusing on the graphics and immersion of the new title. Among the enhancements and features FIFA 23 is getting is a completely overhauled pitch appearance, with improved shaders for the look of the turf, and a dynamic pitch where marks and scuffs will remain throughout the game and particle effects will throw up dirt and blades of grass.

In other ‘Things You Probably Won’t Notice When You Actually Play FIFA 23’ news, nets now have “full 3D geometry”, according to senior producer and art director Fab Muoio, where they will bulge and react to the ball when it’s leathered in for a goal. This will admittedly make those new power shots in FIFA 23 all the more satisfying when they fly into the top corner.

Another big change that will help with immersion is that crowds have been upgraded to now react and get involved in some of the chant audio that plays throughout a match. Fans will now clap along or raise their arms at particularly rousing moments when chants are triggered throughout a match. Oh, and FIFA 23 has added around 500 more chants into the game, by the way.

As with every FIFA, the in-game presentation package of overlays and graphics has had a spruce up as well. There’s new themed overlays for the Serie A, and the two women’s leagues being added, the WSL and the Division 1 Féminine. The standard overlays for Ultimate Team have also been modernised.

On top of this, there’s a really cool new replay feature. As well as getting the usual montage of angles after scoring a goal, you’ll also get this atmospheric slow motion replay where certain stats like expected goals or shot speed will appear around your player as they strike the ball.

For full details on all of the improvements being made to presentation in FIFA 23, check out the video above.

As the FIFA 23 release date nears, we’re getting more and more info about the enhancements being made to this year’s title. While you wait for the next load of info to drop, feel free to roast our predictions for the top ten FIFA 23 ratings.