FIFA 23 ePremier League dates & format revealed as registration opens

The ePremier League is back for another year and FIFA 23 esports fans have a lot to look forward to with all 20 teams competing for a £100,000 prize pool again

FIFA 23 ePremier League announcement start dates format: an image of Reece James running away

FIFA 23 esports fans, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. The ePremier League is back yet again as a major part of the FIFA 23 esports season. As always, two pro FIFA players will represent each of the Premier League’s 20 clubs and compete for a prize pool of £100,000 (which is around $113,000 at the moment).

With inaugural ePremier League 2019 Champion Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt describing last year’s tournament as “the most competitive yet”, we can’t wait to see how things play out when the competition gets started. You know we’re going to see all the best FIFA 23 strikers on display, but we wonder if any of FIFA 23’s cheapest players will get a look in.

Premier League chief commercial officer Will Brass has said that he’s “delighted to announce the return of the ePremier League for a fifth season… The tournament continues to go from strenght-to-strength and is now a firmly established part of the Premier League calendar.”

Adding to this, FIFA competitive gaming commissioner Sam Turkbas has expressed that the “ongoing EA Sports objective is to use the power of esports to connect football fans to the players, clubs, and game they love.”

Interestingly, we also spoke to Turkbas about the FIFA Global Series and what FIFA 23 players can expect from this year’s esports season as a whole. With the FIFA 23 esports commissioner discussing “compelling” 2v2 action – which will feature in this year’s EA Sports Cup – we could very well see this format adapted in some way for the ePremier League in the future.

But, that’s a conversation for another day. Now, it’s time to check out the schedule for the ePremier League’s 2023 season with FIFA 23.  Oh, and you can check out the full ePremier League 2021/2022 Grand Finals match below – if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

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As you can see below, things aren’t going to take long to kick off and we’re looking at an exciting Grand Final in March. But, there are a lot of dates to still be decided on by the clubs. So, it’s worth keeping your eye on social media for more announcements in the future.

  • Online Qualifier One (2022): November 1 – November 2
  • Online Qualifier Two (2022): November 5 – November 6
  • Online Qualifier Three (2022): November 8 – November 9
  • Online Qualifier Playoff (2022): November 15 – November 16
  • Grand Finals (2023): March 25 – March 26

If you think you have what it takes to represent your favourite Premier League club in 2022’s FIFA 23 ePremier League season, you’ll be pleased to know that registrations for this year’s tournament are open now to all UK residents over 16. Throughout November, players are going to compete for their place in a series of online open qualification tournaments – so, you better bring your A game. You can find out more and sign up yourself by heading to the ePremier League website here.

Last year, Norwich City’s Damien ‘Damie’ Augustyniak and Jack ‘GoalPoacher_’ Wignall beat Brentford in a 5-1 aggregate win to secure the 2021/22 ePremier League championship. With Wignall expressing that “defending the title will be a huge challenge”, we can’t wait to see what happens.