FIFA 21 patch adds streamer-friendly setting to avoid copyright infringements

FIFA 21 update 3.1 dropped for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One yesterday and allows players to disable in-game music for streaming purposes in the game’s settings. The addition of this setting comes at a time where copyright infringement is a hot topic in the streaming world, with Twitch recently informing streamers it would start muting or deleting their content without notice if it detected copyrighted content.

The FIFA 21 soundtrack houses some big names such as Dua Lipa, Tame Impala, and Stormzy. Due to this, FIFA players have found it increasingly difficult to stream the game on Twitch without facing a DMCA takedown from the platform and losing any of the content they have created.

DMCA takedowns on Twitch have led to hundreds of videos being deleted and with creators unable to review the claims, they are losing years of content. Twitch has received plenty of criticism regarding the way DMCA claims have been handled, but they are attempting to develop tools and resources, such as Soundtrack, to help creators stream in a copyright safe space.

However, Soundtrack was recently blasted by music industry groups as they claim Twitch doesn’t have the correct licences to allow its streamers to use the supposedly DMCA-safe service.

New setting after patch: turn off ingame music for copyright purposes if streaming. from FIFA