FIFA 21’s edgy new covers will all feature Kylian Mbappe

The new design has certainly split opinion among FIFA fans

FIFA fans have been desperate for some juicy news about FIFA 21 and they finally got some today: EA Sports is a massive Kylian Mbappe fan.

That’s right, the French star is featuring on the cover of all three editions of FIFA 21 – in some cases, more than once! The cover art for this year’s game has gone in a new artistic direction to the simplistic covers of old, with the Standard and Champions Editions both featuring different montages of images of Mbappe. The most expensive Ultimate Edition really has people talking though, with its very minimal cover that shows a black and white image of the PSG striker in his regular clothes just, well, walking.

Fans aren’t surprised to see Mbappe featuring in the cover art as he was featured heavily in the game’s joint reveal trailer with Madden 21. However, they are surprised at the fact he is the focus of all three, with last years games having different footballers on each edition like Eden Hazard and Virgil van Dijk.

The new montage-style design for the standard game has also been adopted by Madden 21, which features a similarly flattering collection of images of Lamar Jackson.

While FIFA fans are still without any solid information on gameplay, features, and essentially anything important, they have been drip-fed the odd bit of info here and there, particularly about plans for the next generation of consoles. You can find out everything we know so far in our FIFA 21 guide.