Streamer accuses that a group of FIFA pro players are “dodging” and “stream sniping”

FIFA streamer RunTheFUTMarket has claimed that a group of North American pro players are stream sniping him


FIFA streamer ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ has claimed that North American FIFA pros are intentionally stream sniping him in order to prevent him from winning.

The popular content creator, whose streams and videos are mainly based on trading tips for FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode as well as gameplay, was sent screenshots of a Discord server that features a number of pro players in the NA region discussing stream sniping him and alerting each other as to when he was searching for games. Tweeting out the evidence he’d been sent, he labelled it “absolutely pathetic.”

In a YouTube video, RunTheFUTMarket further alleges that the chat is being used so that pros in the region can avoid matching up with each other in FUT Champions so that they can face easier opponents to give themselves the best chance of finishing high up the leaderboards. He says that the Discord server, which has a chat named ‘Searching Room’, features a lot of players that represent clubs in the eMLS competition, as well as a pro who has qualified for the first FUT Champions Cup of the season in Bucharest next month.

According to section 3.10 of EA’s rule book for the FIFA 20 Global Series a player can be disqualified from the Global Series if they are found to be “colluding with other players in playing games,” which makes intentionally avoiding matching up with other players against the competition’s rules.

The allegations from RunTheFUTMarket have already prompted responses from some of the players and organisations involved.

Futbolist’s Canadian FIFA player Agit ‘Agitpower’ Katilmis, who has qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest, was one of the players seen in the screenshots using the ‘Searching Room’ chat. His organisation have since tweeted a statement, which says that Agitpower “did not play against this opponent. Nevertheless our managers spoke with Agit to make sure to act fairly as his reputation as well as ours is perfect in the community.”

Chicago Fire’s eMLS competitor Edhem ‘JukeZ’ Jukovic also defended himself after the screenshots revealed him to be part of the Discord chat. “I want to clarify and reiterate that I did not stream snipe RunTheFUTMarket nor try to,” he tweeted. “I’ve been playing this game for years and I’ve never ever sniped a streamer.”

There has been no comment so far from EA Sports.