A new esports organisation has signed former FIFA world champion Gorilla

2017 FIFA world champion Gorilla has signed for new esports organisation NEO alongside fellow Englishman Stokes


The 2017 FIFA world champion Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing has signed for a brand new esports organisation called NEO.

NEO, who are based in Switzerland, is a new venture between two existing esports management agencies in Team Bundled and STARK Esports. Gorilla, who is managed by the latter, was team-less for the duration of last season. He will be joined at NEO by the winner of the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs and fellow Englishman, Tom ‘Stokes’ Stokes, who is managed by Bundled.

The pair are two of the more experienced heads in the FIFA esports community, but had varying successes during the FIFA 19 season. While Stokes surprised most by winning the Playoffs and reaching the knockout stage of the FIFA eWorld Cup, Gorilla failed to make a mark and couldn’t secure qualification for the eWorld Cup. The announcement came as quite a surprise to FIFA esports fans, especially with there being a brand new organisation entering the scene.

In a press release, NEO claims that its FIFA signings would only be the beginning and that “teams in other major esports titles will follow in 2020.”

“The goal is to become one of the most successful esports teams in the world,” the press release reads. It also reveals that Stokes and Gorilla will be coached by Zac Moore, a former FIFA player for Roma Fnatic.

In a Q&A video posted by NEO on YouTube, we learned that Gorilla was given free reign to pick who is teammate would be at the organisation for the FIFA 20 season.

Gorilla says that Stokes was “top of his list” out of a wide pool of free agents.