Former FIFA world champion Agge leaves North and steps away from esports


The 2014 FIFA Interactive World Cup champion August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier has announced he will be leaving North and stop competing in FIFA esports after putting his life “into perspective.”

The Dane, who has also represented the likes of Hashtag United and PSG, revealed on October 25 that he was going to be taking a step back from competitive FIFA to focus on his mental well-being. Agge failed to qualify for last season’s eWorld Cup Finals but did win season two of the eSuperliga, the virtual equivalent of the top flight of Danish football. His decision to leave comes just two weeks before the first tournament of the FIFA 20 Global Series.

In a statement, Agge says: “I’ve put my life into perspective and chosen to release my foot from the gas pedal. After all, your mental health is more important than esports. I want to thank North, who has helped me during this period, and I appreciate that they totally understand my situation.”

Agge goes on to say in a video that the pressure and stress of competing in FIFA esports became too much to handle and that he felt it was the right moment to step away.

“It’s time for me now to try to find some happiness again and get some time to relax and reflect a bit about what my next step will be,” he says.

North will still have representation in FIFA esports despite Agges departure. Marcus ‘Marcuzo’ Jørgensen, Jesper ‘Pilm’ Prang and Mads ‘MadsR’ Rasmussen will still be flying the flag for North during the FIFA 20 season.

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