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Fall Guys split-screen mode - does this party game have couch co-op?

Mediatonic’s party game is going free-to-play and coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC - but, does Fall Guys have split-screen? Here’s what we know

Fall Guys Split Screen: An image of two Fall Guys beans and a crown

It’s finally happening! Fall Guys is going free-to-play and coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, the Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch alongside PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam. It’s a huge moment for the fantastic bean-filled party game and means that this game can be an exciting new addition to digital libraries across the world. If you’re looking forward to jumping in, but want to know if there are Fall Guys split-screen options available, you’re in the right place. We have everything you need to know right here.

Fall Guys is one of the most unique party games available right now – Mediatonic has taken inspiration from obstacle-based game shows like Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, and It’s a Knockout to put together a fantastically bright game where players compete in knockout rounds – both individually and as teams – to be the last players standing. But the question remains: can you play Fall Guys split-screen with a friend?

Well, keep reading and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about Fall Guys’ multiplayer offerings, couch co-op or otherwise.

Fall Guys split-screen mode – does it have it?

If you’re wanting the short answer to the question, we have it here. No, Fall Guys does not have a split-screen mode or couch co-op options.

We know, we know – it’s a shame that you can’t both play Fall Guys on the same console at the same time. However, Fall Guys is going free-to-play on June 21 and that means you will be able to play Fall Guys online with your friends via the internet.

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