Streamer plays Fall Guys with just a single button

Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to take the world by storm, having topped the Twitch charts on the day of release and selling two million copies in its first week. The cuddly battle royale is difficult enough on its own, but one player decided to make life even harder for himself: playing the game with just a single button.

Dylan ‘Rudeism’ Beck is a streamer well known for playing games with funky controllers. He’s previously played Untitled Goose Game with voice activated honks, Fortnite with a real life unicorn pickaxe, and Fallen Jedi with a lightsaber toy. For Fall Guys though, he’s seriously outdone himself.

Rudeism managed to rig the game up to a morse code controller, which consists of a wooden box with a single red button. By tapping the button in the correct rhythm, he can make his Fall Guy run, turn, or jump on command. He showcased a clip on Twitter which saw him initially struggle on Door Dash, before eventually getting used to the button and qualifying.

The morse code box is not the only tool Rudeism has at his disposal. He’s also previously played the game with a Guitar Hero II controller, even managing to place first on The Whirlygig while shredding.

Perhaps most impressive though is the time he played Fall Guys with jellybeans. Yeah, that’s right. Jellybeans.

Considering the Fall Guy characters have come to be known as ‘beans’ because of their similarity to jellybeans, it’s only natural that someone would want to incorporate beans into the fun, but Rudeism went above and beyond. On his set up, each bean corresponded to a different controller button, so squishing any given bean meant he would run, turn, or jump. With his bean set up in place, Rudeism was even able to take home the crown after winning Hex-A-Gon with beans.

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