G2 Esports leads the bidding war for a Fall Guys skin

The esports team is out in front, but could easily be caught by some big companies

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a massive hit since its debut, with players obsessed with the funky, Takeshi’s Castle style gameplay. The cute and colourful battle royale has been inundated with bean costume suggestions from fans and corporations alike, and now it’s putting them to good use with a charity bidding war.

Prior to the charity raffle, we’d seen suggestions for costumes including gamer chairs, Dr DisRespect, the KFC colonel, Solid Snake, and a Walmart greeter. Now though, Fall Guys has flung the door open to a one off guest costume, with the money going to Special Effect, a UK-based charity for gamers with physical disabilities.

The raffle will close in two weeks, with the highest offer taking the prize. Currently, esports team G2 is in the lead with a bid of $130,003, but there’s a lot of time for even more money to be raised.

The previous highest bidder had been BisectHosting, who run the Minecraft servers. Its bid had been $120,000, which had in turn ousted Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s bid of $100,000. Earlier entrants included a bidet company, clothing line Sidemen, and adult gaming publication Nutaku, disqualified (“yeeted” in Fall Guys’ actual words) for being inappropriate and NSFW.

G2’s samurai inspired design can be found below.

KFC, Konami, and Walmart, who all expressed an interest in collaboration before the raffle, are all yet to respond, but all three could easily crush G2’s current bid. Of course, with almost the full two weeks still to run, there could be rebids from previously eliminated contestants along with new entries.

The game topped the Twitch charts on the day of release, sold two million copies in its first week, has a Twitch Rivals event in the works, and even roped in Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

It’s no surprise everyone wants a slice of Fall Guys’ success, but it’s great to see it using its platform for good, bringing money and attention to a charity which does a lot of unsung work in the gaming industry.