Fall Guys’ cheater island is the new destination for bad beans

Cheater Island is the new home to all Fall Guys players who have been caught using cheats to spoil the game for others.

Imagine a world where all the good people in the world are lumped together, and all the sinners are forced to spend eternity with each other. That is the type of utopia Mediatonic is creating in Fall Guys.

Cheater Island is the new home to all Fall Guys players who have been caught using cheats to spoil the game for others. Many players in the Fall Guys community had questioned whether or not Fall Guys featured an anti-cheat system when the game launched, due to the rampant cheating in the first few weeks. It turns out the developers had a plan for these pests the entire time, but they were being extra careful to ensure the cheat detection worked perfectly.

Once the anti-cheat system identifies a bad jellybean, they are locked to the Cheater Island servers. Just like a regular server, Fall Guys needs a minimum of 40 players to start a match. On Cheater Island, finding that many cheaters to play within the same region was proving to be quite a task. Players would complain to the developers as they couldn’t connect to a match, claiming the game was broken. That’s how Mediatonic knew the anti-cheat was working.

The cheaters were finding ways to avoid their new home, opting to team up with their non-cheating friends which would place them back on the normal servers. Another common method in many Steam games is to create a family-shared account, allowing the cheater to obtain four additional copies of the same game. Mediatonic quickly patched out the friends exploit and disabled Steam Family Share.

Considering how transparent Mediatonic has been in regards to Fall Guy’s development process, it may seem strange that this is the first time we are hearing about the anti-cheat system. The secrecy behind revealing any of these key details was intentional – the developers knew cheaters would use this information to avoid getting banned.

It’s not difficult to imagine just how much fun the game is when every single player is using top of the line cheats. As you can see from this example, even when these players have magical powers to take them right to the crown, they still manage to mess it up.

If you want a breakdown of how the anti-cheat system works in Fall Guys, the developer has detailed exactly how it works in this Twitter thread. The next patch to Fall Guys will introduce Fortnite’s anti-cheat software, as well as the “BIG YEETUS” hammer for all the good players. Mediatonic has described the upcoming patch as “the biggest update since launch”.