Is F1 Manager 2022 multiplayer?

Want to know if F1 Manager 2022 is multiplayer? Here are the ways you can play Frontier's latest deep management sm on PC and consoles

F1 Manager 2022 Multiplayer: A car can be seen driving on a track

F1 Manager 2022 brings the deep experience Frontier is known for creating to the racing world. But, can you enjoy that with a friend through F1 Manager 2022 multiplayer?

Multiplayer is more often than not found in most management games, especially those with a competitive element. And, with F1 being bigger than ever, it could be a huge boost for the game if it does offer some kind of multiplayer support.

But, has that been confirmed or announced? Read on to see what Frontier has said about F1 Manager 2022 multiplayer.

Is F1 Manager 2022 multiplayer?

F1 Manager 2022 does not offer any kind of multiplayer features. The game is exclusively single-player.

In response to a fan asking about the feature, the official F1 Manager 2022 Twitter account confirmed the game is single-player only. This might be surprising to fans of other management games, including Football Manager, but the length of matches in the game means that you would have been locked into an up to two-hour online match.

In addition, the ability to create your own teams would have made balancing a rather difficult task. So, while you can’t play online, you can at least get a deep management experience yourself.

There is a chance that we could see the features added in a future update for the game, but that hasn’t been announced yet. It would also likely take a lot of work to properly implement multiplayer into a game this expansive and deep.

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