Evil Dead game’s GOTY Edition drops without this already-revealed skin

Evil Dead The Games' GOTY Edition is finally here and developer Saber Interactive has an update on a new Amanda Fisher skin that seems to have gone rogue.

Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition DLC Amanda Fisher skin: an image of Amanda Fisher from the asymmetrical horror game

Ashy Slashy’s joining the party and Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition has finally arrived – bringing new cosmetics, old expansions, and the new Who’s Your Daddy DLC with it. While, of course, this Game of the Year Edition release for Evil Dead The Game is introducing quite a lot of cool stuff to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game – as well as collating all previously released content – it looks like it’s actually going to be missing a previously-shown skin for Amanda Fisher.

In the build-up to the release of the GOTY Edition, eagle-eyed Evil Dead fans have spotted some artwork showing Survivor Amanda Fisher (who you’ll know if you’ve watched the Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead) sporting both a suit jacket and a trench coat. With both of these outfits appearing in the aforementioned horror comedy, it wouldn’t be outside the realms of the imaginable to see them both make their way into Evil Dead The Game.

However, the fact that artwork showing Amanda Fisher in both outfits – that’s seemingly identical otherwise – have been circling online is causing some fans to ask questions.

So, one fan did – on Twitter – and got the following response from the official Evil Dead The Game account:

“The image on the right side is a work-in-progress image we accidentally shared; the trench coat will not be in the game. We’re working on updating it; thanks for catching it!”

You can see this interaction below, courtesy of Redditor ‘Intrinsicall’ – or by following the aforementioned link:

Amanda’s Trenchcoat skin was an ‘’accident’ and will not be in the game. Confirmed by Saber 🤦‍♂️
by u/Intrinsicall in EvilDeadTheGame

Now, if you’re an Amanda Fisher fan, this is bad news. She’s one of the few Evil Dead The Game Survivors to not have an alternate outfit – something that’s even more shocking when you consider that she was available at launch – and now one of her new ones has seemingly been scrapped.

However, as we found out in our exclusive interview with Evil Dead The Game’s chief creative officer Tim Willits, chief narrative officer Craig Sherman, and music director Steve Molitz, the Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition isn’t the end for the asymmetrical horror game. So, there’s every chance the trench coat Amanda Fisher skin could still pop up at some point.

Who knows, it might be like the Nintendo Switch version of the game – something that Willits expressed “could pop up” like a Kandarian Demon at some point in the future.

The Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition is a version of this game that brings the Classics Bundle, the Army of Darkness Medieval Bundle, the Evil Dead 2013 Bundle, the Hail to the King Bundle, and the Immortal Power Bundle together with the previously limited Ash S-Mart Uniform outfit, the Ash Gallant Knight outfit, and the Ash Savini Alternate outfit.

It’s also introducing the Who’s Your Daddy Bundle, which will see Brock Williams introduced as a Survivor and the infamous Baal introduced as the Schemer Demon Class. There’s also, as briefly hinted at above, new outfits for Ash, Amanda, and Pablo.

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If you’re a fan of single player content, you’ll also be able to unlock a new Kelly outfit by taking on Eligos in another mission. It features the above song, too – so, if you need a reason to play it, there’s that. We know this might not be everyone’s pick to be classed as one of the best games of all time, but it’s certainly one of the best PS5 horror games and best Xbox horror games out there – and a treat for fans of the Evil Dead series.