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Former GTA dev unveils Everywhere reveal trailer amid alpha sign ups

Build A Rocket Boy unveils the official Everywhere reveal trailer, showcasing a vibrant new world to explore, led by former GTA 5 producer Leslie Benzies.

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You may know Leslie Benzies as a key figure formerly at Rockstar North, a subsidiary of GTA 5 developer Rockstar Games. Now, Benzies next game Everywhere is showing its face to the world. The first trailer is here, lifting the lid off what developer Build A Rocket Boy is creating in the open-world multiplayer experience. And if you want to be part of it, you can get hands-on through the Everywhere alpha.


“This is Everywhere,” a recent social media post states, letting the game’s trailer do the talking. Your first thought might be that it looks an awful lot like Epic Games’ Fortnite, and we wouldn’t blame you for making that link. However, Everywhere promises to bring players multiple narratives and experiences within its draftable world, rather than delivering a singular type of game. The trailer features an unknown voice, declaring that “this is a new world. Let’s build it together.”

Everywhere’s building tools look similar to that of Dreams, the game creation title from developer Media Molecule. Previous discussion around the game mentions players being able to create ‘arcs’, essentially forming games within games. Inception director Christopher Nolan will love it, we’re sure. The game’s aesthetic sports a vibrant, cartoonish style on the surface, but other games made within Everywhere offer far more visual sheen.

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Specifically, Mind’s Eye is an Everywhere-made title that features an original narrative and a distinct sci-fi flavor to settle into. It begs the question as to what other creations will come to fruition. Could someone attempt to give GTA 6 a run for its money? Possibly. It’ll make the wait for the GTA 6 release date easier, that’s for sure.

The initial idea for Everywhere emerged back in 2016, with Benzies collaborating with fellow ex-Rockstar North employees Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle on what it could be realized into. With studios based in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and Budapest, the game uses Unreal Engine 5 and is reportedly set for a 2023 release.

If you want to be part of the fun, you can get in via the Everywhere closed alpha sign-up here. You’ll be required to make a free account, which in turn lets you reserve your username. “To participate in the closed alpha test, you must review, agree, and consent to the Build A Rocket Boy closed alpha non-disclosure agreement,” details the sign-up process.

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While platforms for the game are yet to be clarified, GTA 5 fans should keep an eye on our upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox games calendars, as it is speculated to head to these platforms.