Esports Awards 2020 names final nominees for best player, best team, more

All categories are now open for voting in the 2020 Esports Awards. The finalists for the last 12 categories have also been revealed, including Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, and Team of the Year. The awards ceremony hopes to be a beacon of light in an uncertain year, featuring the biggest streamers and celebrating “those who are going above and beyond in the esports industry,” according to Michael Ashford, the Esports Awards’ managing director.

The ceremony, which will be held on November 21, will also honour co-CEO of ESL Gaming Craig ‘Torbull’ Levine and journalist Richard Lewis, both receiving a Lifetime Achievement award. The latter has won two Esports Journalist of the Year awards in the past and is nominated again this year. The pair join the exclusive Lifetime Achievement club alongside just two others, fighting game master Daigo Umehara and FPS legend Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel.

The ceremony will be presided over by Gabriella ‘LeTigress’ Devia-Allen, Chris ‘Montecristo’ Mykles, and Thom F. Badinger, so you know we’ll be in for a great night of entertainment, even if your favourites don’t win.

Here are the latest additions to the list of nominations for the 2020 Esports Awards:

Esports Coach Of The Year

  • Zews (EG)
  • Rambo (Dallas)
  • Tow B (Big Clan)
  • Grabbz (G2)
  • Crusty (San Fran)
  • Zefa (Damwon)
  • Heen (Team Secret)
  • Chrome (Spacestation Gaming)
  • Lycan (Spacestation Gaming)
  • Luo “Bsyy” Sheng

Esports Console Player Of The Year

  • Clayster
  • Shotzzy
  • Tekkz
  • Crimsix
  • Sypical
  • Jknaps
  • Fairy Peak!
  • Msdossary

Esports Console Rookie Of The Year

  • Shotzzy
  • Firstkiller
  • Zezinho
  • Illey
  • Joreuz
  • Owakening

Esports Mobile Player Of The Year

  • Fly
  • Luxxy
  • Nobru
  • Surgical Goblin
  • Mortal
  • Zuxxy
  • Iferg

Esports Organisation Of The Year

  • G2 Esports
  • NRG
  • Team Liquid
  • Envy
  • Spacestation
  • Cloud 9
  • 100 Thieves
  • TSM

Esports PC Player Of The Year

  • ZywOo
  • Knight
  • Caps
  • Matumbaman
  • David Tonizza
  • Benjyfishy
  • Rampy
  • Bugha
  • Striker
  • Sinatraa
  • Nisha
  • Canadian

Esports PC Rookie Of The Year

  • Sinatraa
  • Wardell
  • Tactical
  • Keria
  • Spica
  • Fultz

Esports Team Of The Year

  • Dallas Empire (CDL)
  • Top Esports (LPL)
  • Vitality (CS:GO)
  • G2 Esports (LEC)
  • Spacestation Gaming (Rocket League)
  • Spacestation Gaming (R6)
  • Team Secret (Dota2)
  • Damwon (LCK)
  • Sf Shock (Overwatch)
  • Shanghai Dragons (Overwatch)

Esports Analyst Of The Year

  • Spunj
  • Ls
  • Froskurinn
  • Fogged
  • Nameless
  • Wolf
  • Jacob “Pimp” Winneche
  • Reinforce
  • Velly

Esports Caster Of The Year (Colour)

  • Merk
  • Froskurinn
  • Vedius
  • Ls
  • Moses
  • Launders
  • Chance
  • Kixstar
  • Fogged
  • Henryg

Esports Caster Of The Year (Play By Play)

  • Uber
  • Maven
  • Captain Flowers
  • Quickshot
  • Drakos
  • Ibai
  • Anders
  • Semmler
  • Odpixel

Esports Host Of The Year

  • Ana Xisde
  • Chris Puckett
  • Sjokz
  • Machine
  • Frankie Ward
  • Sheever
  • Lottie Van-Praag
  • Soe Gschwind
  • Dash
  • Goldenboy

You can find all nominations for the industry categories, such as Game of the Year and Journalist of the Year, here. To see the nominations for the first batch of nominations, including Streamer of the Year and Personality of the Year, check here.

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