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Surprise Escape From Tarkov roadmap signals essential audio updates

Tactical shooter Escape From Tarkov is letting players in on a series tweaks, as developer Battlestate Games reveals the new Escape From Tarkov update roadmap.

Escape From Tarkov 2023 Roadmap update battlestate games

Developer Battlestate Games is taking the popular multiplayer shooter Escape From Tarkov into an exciting new era for long-time fans and new survivors. While many will be anticipating the next Escape From Tarkov wipe, the FPS developer has other ambitions in mind, following the reveal of a brand new Escape From Tarkov update roadmap.

Battlestate Games details on its Twitter account a “preliminary roadmap” for future “Escape From Tarkov updates.” The first of which is Escape From Tarkov update which will bring about a series of technical fixes, including but not limited to “fixes for visual problems with flashlights […] rework of all sky locations […] changes in the headset system” and “changes in the AI voiceline playback system, in particular their frequency, volume, and positioning.”

Moreover, players will be eager to know what the “transition to Unity 2021” means for the game, as the developer clarifies that “it will allow the introduction of new technologies, aimed at optimising and updating graphics, including support for HDR, reducing memory consumption by optimising the memory usage locations and items.”

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Alongside server improvements that will implement a “gradual increase in the number of players and bots in a raid to 60”, Battlestate Games is also crafting a new Streets of Tarkov expansion, which will also include a new boss for players to duke it out with.

Teases for the next Street of Tarkov expansion have appeared on Battlestate’s social media recently, depicting numerous locales that players will encounter during their time in-game. Currently, there are no dates on when the updates will be dropped for players, but speculatively we can assume that the developer will follow its usual 4-8 week update pattern seen on the Escape From Tarkov forum.

It is a notable moment for the Escape From Tarkov community, as updates and significant changes to the game are typically announced through social media posts and occasional livestream in a low-key manner. As we keep track of these thrilling developments, be sure to check out our Escape From Tarkov wipe guide to ensure you’re in the know when your next fresh start takes place.