Escape From Tarkov’s latest Twitch Drop event dished out 13 million items

It's also been Twitch's most watched game throughout the duration of the event

After Escape from Tarkov’s first Twitch drops event over the New Year elevated the game’s popularity to new heights, it’s no wonder its developer has returned for round two.

Throughout the eleven-day duration of the latest Twitch drops campaign, Battlestate Games’ tactical survival shooter has been the most watched game on Twitch with 60.69 million hours of content being viewed, according to stats from Esports Charts Pro, beating the likes of League of Legends and Fortnite. This is doubly impressive when you consider that during that period of June 11-22 popular League of Legends esports leagues like the LEC, LCS, and LCK all returned for their Summer Splits, plus there was the record-breaking The Device in-game event and the start of Chapter 2: Season 3 in Fortnite.

Naturally, with a lot of people wanting to get into Tarkov streams to get their rewards, streamers of the game have benefited massively too. Of the last eleven days’ most watched channels, four of them belong to Tarkov streamers, such as ‘Pestily’ and ‘Lvndmark’.

As well as being able to celebrate a huge number of viewers on Twitch, Battlestate Games also saw 457,000 players take to Escape from Tarkov in that period to use those lovely rewards for the drops, according to a Twitter post from the developer.

The same post also reveals just how many items were dished out during the event. An enormous 13,801,658 items were awarded to players at a total in-game value of just over 100 billion roubles.