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Escape From Tarkov’s Shooter Born in Heaven is now hell to complete

A change has been made to the Shooter Born in Heaven task in Escape From Tarkov and its killed a lot of the sniper spots many players used

Escape From Tarkov Shooter Born in Heaven: Birdeye holds a heft AR rifle

Escape From Tarkov has its fair share of trader tasks which are just downright boring to complete. From eliminating Scavs at night time without using night vision goggles to killing others without wearing body armour, there are some questlines which just get under your skin. But the worst of them all has to be Sniper Born in Heaven and, thanks to the latest Escape From Tarkov patch, it’s just been made even worse.

The change was spotted last night as players worked their way through the early tasks following the Escape From Tarkov wipe, and well, it’s not good news if you’re someone who struggles with long range tasks. That’s because the minimum kill distance for this quest has been increased from 100m to 125m.

Shooter Born in Heaven is a quest dished out by Mechanic and requires you to eliminate PMC operatives with headshots from over 125m away on several of the Escape From Tarkov maps. In the past, this has been exclusive to Woods, Reserve, Shoreline, and Customs, but with this update, the mission has also been extended to Lighthouse.

This means that players will now have additional hoops to jump through if they’re looking to work their way towards that coveted Kappa container, and it’s not gone down well. “When will they rename it to Shooter Born in Hell?,” one Reddit user asks. Others claim their trusty sniping spots on maps like Customs can no longer be used to work towards quest competition.

That’s not the only change made to the quests in game, either. One Redditor has spotted that The Collector quest now requires you to find all the streamer items – both new and old – to get the Kappa container, and two new quests called Broadcast and Reconnaissance have been added to the game.

Broadcast requires you to locate the hidden recording studio on Lighthouse and place a signal jammer on it. Reconnaissance requires you to recon the first, second, and third office buildings on Lighthouse.

With the Lighthouse expansion, it’s hardly surprising that players are finding new tasks to complete on their quest for Kappa. But with changes to long-standing and tedious tasks, many Escape From Tarkov players have been left asking one question just a day on from the wipe: Why?