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Airsoft player brings Escape From Tarkov DIY IDEA chest rig to life

One airsoft enthusiast and hardcore Escape From Tarkov fan has created their own DIY IDEA chest rig and it’s the perfect example of EFT’s hobo-style in reality

Escape From Tarkov IDEA rig airsoft: an image of an EFT avatar wearing a blue chest rig

We know it might not quite be the most effective bit of kit on offer in Escape From Tarkov, but the DIY IDEA chest rig may just one one of our favourite pieces of equipment in Battlestate Games’ extraction shooter – and, it looks like we’re not alone there. One fan seems to like this bit of gear so much that they’ve decided to recreate it for their next airsoft match using IKEA bags. No, we’re not kidding.

Using bright blue IKEA bags, Reddit user ‘Celestrasza’, who seems to be a dab hand at sewing, decided to recreate the virtual homemade chest rig for themselves. In Escape From Tarkov, the DIY IDEA chest rig appears to use bags of a similar design, a parody of the Swedish-founded homewares store.

As you might imagine, fans of EFT were thrilled to see this hilarious chest rig in reality, complete with AKS74U mags. When asked for tips on how they made it in the comments, Celestrasza explained that they eyeballed the creation mostly – however, they did use a Condor Molle chest rig as a reference to help with the sizing and dimensions.

As for the actual creation of this homemade chest rig, they used basic sewing throughout and only two layers of bags for the body and one layer for the ammunition pouches. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can below – it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into creating this bit of equipment.

Made the "IDEA" Rig from EFT from airsoft

Of course, this isn’t the first (nor is it the last) Escape From Tarkov inspired airsoft setup, but it certainly brings something new to the battleground that you just can’t find in surplus stores.
Who knows, maybe the chap who makes Escape From Tarkov bosses from Lego will one day make a figurine wearing an IDEA rig? We can only hope.