Escape From Tarkov wipe nears as Scavs gifted grenade launchers

It's looking increasingly likely that the Escape From Tarkov wipe will happen within days, as Scavs handed yet more weaponry to kill you with

Escape From Tarkov wipe event scavs grenade launchers: The new Escape From Tarkov boss with antlers on his head

Escape From Tarkov fans have been waiting with bated breath for the last couple of days, hoping that Battlestate Games would give them the best gift of all: a wipe on Christmas day. While that’s now looking very unlikely, the game’s latest pre-wipe event proves that the game’s grand reset is nearer than we think.

A tweet posted by Battlestate Games earlier today describes a conflict between a group of players and Scavs near a warehouse. The Scavs apparently broke into a storage container following a “coordinated attack” and stole grenade launchers.

Escape From Tarkov wipe events scav grenade launchers: a tweet saying a warehoue had been attacked by scavs

In other words, as well as super chaddy players, you’ll also have to watch out for beefy Scavs carrying a lot of explosive while out on your raids.

While you’re more at risk of being murdered at the drop of a hat, you are also now ten times more likely to pick up a grenade launcher on your travels. And in these pre-wipe days, carrying something with a bit of extra firepower is always advised.

This is now the ninth event of the Escape From Tarkov wipe events and follows on from XP boosts, item inflations, boozy hideout upgrades, explosive shotgun shells, and the arrival of Scav Santa to name but a few.