Escape From Tarkov streamer loots a key tool worth 1.6 million from dead player

PUBG player DrasseL got lucky on reserve

One of the best things about Escape From Tarkov is killing another player and find they’ve got a lot of high-value loot on them. Well, this is exactly what happened to ex-professional PUBG player Cedrik ‘DrasseL’ Lessard when he downed an enemy PMC on Reserve last night.

The Ghost Gaming content creator pushed one of the apartment blocks on the map to loot the level 21 enemy he killed minutes before, but was shocked to find the player had kept his key tool in his backpack rather than his gamma case.

The key tool itself is worth about 600,000 roubles at face value on the game’s flea market, but this tool actually had 16 keys attached to it, adding an extra one million roubles to its total value. “Oh my god, he has a key tool – what the fuck?” the streamer says in the clip, which you can watch below. “Oh my god I just made 500-600K. Oh, let’s go.

“He had a key tool in his backpack, dude. I’m fucking rich. Wait, it’s full of keys! What the fuck, yes!”

Given that most players stash valuable items in their gamma cases that help you carry items over when you die, it’s quite surprising that this player took a risk with such a high ticket item.