Escape From Tarkov streamer asks Babestation for Tarkov tips

Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov streamer ‘linden’ had a little bit of fun while playing the game on Twitch, calling up phone sex line Babestation live on air for advice on the game. Speaking to a woman named Marley, linden explained that he was in the midst of Tarkov, offered to undress his operator for her, then bid her farewell.

After being on hold for a while, linden finally got through to Marley, and after explaining that he was “in the run of Tarkov right now”, he asked her if she had any pointers. When she understandably did not, linden began to explain his loadout in detail, hoping that might work.

After linden quickly realised asking for advice was a bit of a dead end, he went the more traditional Babestation route and instead offered to undress. Rather than linden himself taking his clothes off though, he decided to undress his operator, much to the amusement of his squad.

Letting Marley choose for him, linden took off his helmet, goggles, and headphones, before Marley selected his vest, which linden discarded, saying “you know what? I’m gonna chuck it on the floor for you.”

At this point, linden’s Tarkov squad needed him fully equipped, so he asked Marley to wish him a good raid, and promptly hung up.

Marley was a great sport about the whole thing, and while she didn’t always understand what was going on – how could you without either watching the stream or having an in-depth knowledge of Escape From Tarkov? – it seems like everyone involved had some harmless fun.

Just don’t expect Marley to join an Escape From Tarkov stream team any time soon.