A Twitch streamer is battering the Elden Ring bosses with one hand

Think Elden Ring is tough enough? Well, one Twitch streamer is tackling the entire game with just one hand - and they're not remapping any controls either

Elden Ring Twitch MissMikkaa one hand: an image of a female streamer waving at the camera

We know variety Twitch streamer ‘MissMikkaa’ might not be the first name that pops into mind when you think of the best Elden Ring players out there, but she might just be one of the best playing right now. Why do we say that? Well, MissMikkaa clearly didn’t think FromSoftware’s gruelling action-RPG was hard enough because she’s decided to embark on a challenge to complete the entirety of the game one-handed. That’s right, she’s playing Elden Ring with one hand – and she hasn’t remapped any controls either.

You might think playing Elden Ring one-handed isn’t as hard as it sounds, but she’s not doing this on PC either. Oh no, MissMikkaa began her one-handed challenge playthrough of Elden Ring on a PlayStation 5. To keep things transparent with her viewers, she made sure that everyone could see her using her purple DualSense controller at all times – with it laying flat on the table.

In the early stages, rapid attacks and constant movement were MissMikkaa’s best friend. She used Elden Ring’s target lock to great effect, allowing her to rotate around enemies and strike when an opening revealed itself. This helped her dispatch some of the game’s weaker enemies with ease.

However, as things got harder, things got a bit hectic for MissMikkaa. In an effort to avoid any two-handed gameplay, something of a reaction when things started to get a bit hairy in-game, the Twitch streamer opted to wear a thick oven glove on her spare hand to make sure that any time she reached for the controller, it would be in vain.

However, this soon became a Twitch-branded sock – which is quite on brand if you ask us, and probably much more comfortable.

During her six-hour stream, she put all of us to shame by dispatching of Margit the Fell Omen in her first attempt three hours in. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but she best Godrick the Grafted with ease and landed the killing blow on Rennala Queen of the Full Moon while scratching her head.

The coordination alone it would take to play a third-person hack and slash game like Elden Ring with any kind of finesse and skill is impressive, but breezing through some of the genre’s toughest enemies is on another level. To make things even more incredible, MissMikkaa admits at the start of her stream that she only “started up Elden Ring [the day before] and tried for like five seconds” to get a taster for things.

If you feel inspired to try this yourself, you can find out recommended Elden Ring boss order here. We also suggest you check this guide out and work on getting your hands on one of the best Elden Ring weapons before you start taking on anyone too challenging. However, MissMikkaa didn’t need that – it was just raw skill.