This Razer controller is ideal for Elden Ring, especially with 38% off

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate and V2 controllers all have sizeable discounts against them on Amazon and would be great for use in Elden Ring

Razer Wolver Ultimate and V2 controllers standing in a row.

Over the last few days, many of us have been losing ourselves in Elden Ring’s Lands Between and enjoying the rewarding level of difficulty that the game provides. It’s a game that requires cat-like reflexes and precise controls, so to really get the most out of the experience, you need the best controller – and luckily, one of the best Razer Xbox controllers is now 38% off at Amazon.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is one of several Razer controllers which are currently on offer. It comes with a selection of remappable buttons, such as multi-function bumpers and triggers, plus a quick control panel. With huge amounts of customisation through Razer Chroma RGB lighting, this a slick controller that also has an ergonomic design, designed specifically to keep you comfortable, even if you’re playing for hours. With the discount, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is now $60 cheaper, at $99.99.

Is that a little beyond your price range? Don’t worry, my friend. The Razer Wolverine V2 controller is now 36% off as well, bringing its price down to $63.77. Though lacking in the RGB customisation options of its Ultimate sibling, the V2 is still an impressive controller in its own right, with mecha-tectile action buttons and D-pad, remappable buttons and that same, comfortable ergonomic design.

If colour is an important factor to you, the white V2 is the one that’s currently 36% off, while the black V2 is 30% off. While it’s not as much of a sizable discount, you’re still saving a whole $30, so don’t be put off if your heart is set on getting one in black.

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The difference that these Razer Xbox controllers can provide can be pretty impressive. Perhaps the added level of precision will help you conquer the Margit boss battle you’ve been struggling with, helping you to progress further into Elden Ring and any other hard as nails games that you’ve been stuck on for a while. Having the right controller can really change your gameplay experience.

We don’t know exactly how long these offers are going to remain in place, so if you want to take advantage of these deals, it’s best to act fast.

While you wait for the controllers to arrive, make sure to check out our guide to the Elden Ring bosses.