Elden Ring new quest NPC arrives with patch 1.03

Alongside a host of balance changes and bug fixes, the Elden Ring new quest NPC for patch 1.03 has deep links to everyone's favourite pot boy, Alexander

Elden Ring new quest NPC: a large jar next to the Tarnished and Jar-Bairn

The latest Elden Ring patch notes have arrived, and hoo boy there are a lot of changes. With all sorts of bug fixes and balance tweaks coming in, players will be lamenting the loss of some of the game’s staple builds. However, there are positive additions such as the Elden Ring new quest NPC which players have been quick to sniff out.

Located down in the village of Jarburg, players will now be able to snag themselves the Companion Jar talisman, which ups the damage dealt by thrown jars. Of course, you could venture forth and scour the Lands Between for this new, tiny pot boy, but if you’re really eager to know then all you need to do is follow our Elden Ring Jar-Bairn quest guide and this shiny new trinket will be yours.

Aside from staple weapon skills such as Night-and-Flame Stance, Hoarfrost Stomp, and Royal Knight’s Resolve being fixed or straight up nerfed, the new Elden Ring patch has buffed several other combat options. For example, FP consumption for a number of sorceries has been decreased, while the effectiveness of shields have also been given a boost.

There are some solid quality of life improvements, too. The drop rate of Smithing Stones from certain enemies has been upped, while the refinement material can now also be purchased from some early game shops. Furthermore, FromSoftware has now added a way to mark the icon and name of NPCs you encounter on the map.

With so many sweeping changes across the board, we can’t wait to see which whacky and potentially over-tuned builds players come up with to take down the Elden Ring bosses next.