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Deadrop game preview garners mixed reception with Dr Disrespect fans

Developer Midnight Society, led by YouTube sensation Dr Disrespect, previews its extraction shooter Deadrop to a mixed reception from FPS fans.

Futuristic soldier in the DrDisrespect game Deadrop

YouTube streaming star Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has sampled virtually every FPS on the market and is using that experience to bring players a new experience with Deadrop. Helmed by his own studio, Midnight Society, the forthcoming FPS is billed as an extraction shooter that offers a unique atmosphere compared to rivals like Warzone 2 or PUBG. However, the initial reception to footage of Deadrop in action isn’t entirely positive.

The latest footage of Deadrop is officially live to dissect, as Dr Disrespect dishes out details on the Midnight Society shooter via the Snapshot V event. Speaking on the Snapshot V pre-alpha build, creative director Quinn DelHoyo says that “this environment is unlike anything you’ve seen before in games. As we say, we’re making a vertical extraction shooter. What that mean is […] this is not just 360 degree, this a full 720 degrees of carnage.”

Veteran professional players such as Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell were among the roster chosen to sample the newest Deadrop build. Despite showcasing an all-star selection of players, Dr Disrespect fans are debating whether Deadrop is stacking up to be a contender for FPS greatness.

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Over on the Dr Disrespect subreddit, Redditor ‘bdollhawley1‘ argues that ” [Deadrop] is astounding. People complaining about the graphics, the gameplay […]  appreciate how awesome of an experience this is, to get your hands on a game while it’s being built from the ground up.” Though the game’s early state is acknowledged by many fans, it hasn’t excused the game from criticism.

“Why are people so confident it’s gonna be an awesome experience? […] alpha or not it just looks like a fairly generic FPS that’s copied design ideas from a bunch of established games,” says ‘_GoldenFace_‘. The concept of the game following the Snapshot V event hasn’t captivated some fans either, as ‘catchthirtythree33’ points out: “I don’t actually get this game, besides that it’s a looter shooter […] what is the final game suppose to be […] I just don’t feel any hype from the selling point of a vertical battle royale hybrid.”

There is still hope for Deadrop, according to Dr Disrespect’s followers. “They’re [Midnight Society] being so transparent about their development process, people should appreciate that […] to have the balls to show something unfinished 5 times […] for the people that appreciate seeing a game grow – it’s great,” adds ‘bitvisuals‘.

Deadrop, outside of its gameplay aspects, has received flack for its inclusion of NFTs, which make up the Founders Pass. Acquiring one of 10,000 limited NFTs grants access to unique cosmetics, priority for special merch, voting rights on Deadrop’s design ethos, and access to early game builds.

The current price for a Founder Pass is 0.4 Ethereum (around $730). Acting as a sort of membership pass, it appears the NFTs don’t hinder playing Deadrop but it is yet to be seen how they affect the game going forward.