Drake signs a “multi-year” livestreaming deal with Caffeine

Exclusivity deals have been flipping the streaming landscape on its head, with some of the biggest live streamers in the world moving platforms for mega bucks. And now, the planet’s biggest rap artist is following suit: Drake. However, this isn’t a deal that sees the superstar rapper partner with Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or Mixer. It’s with one of the smaller, more niche players in the market: Caffeine.

Caffeine is a livestreaming service owned by Fox and while gaming and esports content is broadcast on the platform, it mainly acts as an entertainment channel creating original programming with a number of popular US celebrities and athletes.

The “multi-year deal” that Drake has signed with Caffeine will see him bring the Ultimate Rap League – the States’ biggest battle rap competition – to the platform. He will also get his own personal channel, but there are reportedly no terms in the deal that state how often and what kind of content will be shown.

A huge endorser of the Ultimate Rap League, Drake – who is a backer of esports organisation and gaming content kings 100 Thieves – is the latest name in music to partner with Caffeine and joins the likes Migos member Offset, whose also staked his claim in esports by investing in FaZe Clan.

American football star JuJu Smith-Schuster also has his own show – Catching W’s with JuJu – on Caffeine, which brings other celebrities and sports stars on to compete in gaming challenges.

So while Caffeine is first and foremost about entertainment, and Drake’s deal has little on the surface to do with the kind of gaming content we see on Twitch, it could start to gain traction and become a real contender in video game livestreaming very soon.