Valve is hiring an esports software engineer

It's one of 14 jobs listed on Valves' website

Dota 2 The International trophy at TI9

If you’ve had a little glance at Valve Corporation’s jobs board this afternoon, you’ll have seen it looks a little busy. Valve is currently hiring for 14 positions at the moment, including a software engineer for the company’s esports interests. Or eSports if you’re Valve, but we’ll glance over that fatal error.

As spotted on Twitter by Nors3, the company is looking for an engineer with five years “progressive post-baccalaureate experience” in software development including three years of experience building tools for esports broadcasts. The advert is a little light on details about what this role is specifically for, but given the minimum requirements, it looks like it’ll be connected to Valve’s technical support for its esports titles.

It’s a running joke in the esports scene that Dota 2 is Gabe Newell’s baby, and with appearances at several The International tournaments, it wouldn’t be surprising if the engineer worked exclusively on software relating to the MOBA.

However, Valve seems to be taking a more hands on approach with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so it’ll be interesting to see how much of an affect this role will have on Valve’s esports titles in the future.