Dota 2 team suspended by Beyond The Summit for “cheap labour” tweet

A Dota 2 team has been suspended from Beyond The Summit’s DOTA Summit Online 13 after it tweeted a “derogatory message” about its South American opponents.

North American team Plasma1337x, which at the time was 0-0-3 at Summit 13, was scheduled to play beastcoast in the final fixture of October 25. However, organisers BTS awarded beastcoast the win and suspended Plasma1337x from playing the best-of-three series after it was made aware of an inflammatory tweet by the team. While it has now been deleted, Gosu Gamers reports via a screenshot that it says: “We play vs beastcoast today in Beyond The Summit summit 13 with beastcoast using cheap South American labour against us.”

BTS described the tweet as “derogatory” and “harmful to both our event and the Dota community.” Since getting its suspension, Plasma1337x’s account has now deleted all past tweets. Gosu Gamers also reports that the organisation declared it would stop operating in esports entirely before it disappeared from social media.

One of Plasma1337x’s players, ‘lukiluki’, took to Twitter to announce he and the rest of the team would no longer associate themselves with the organisation and apologised to beastcoast for their former team’s actions. To clarify, it appears none of the players were involved in sending the initial derogatory tweet.

beastcoast’s Dota 2 team is composed of Peruvian and Bolivian players, according to Liquipedia, and is currently sitting second in the Americas standings for Summit 13.

lukiluki and the rest of his teammates will now play as No Pangolier. It is currently unclear whether No Pangolier will now play Plasma1337x’s remaining Summit 13 fixtures.

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