Dota 2’s Immortal Treasure II has been added to the TI10 battle pass

Slardar, Sven, and Silencer are all getting new shiny cosmetics

Dota 2’s The International 10 is a bit stuck right now – the tournament is currently postponed with no official event date but at least while we wait, there are some shiny new cosmetic Battle Pass items.

That’s right, the Immortal Treasure II is now available to players. All Battle Pass owners will find an Immortal Treasure II already in their Armory to unbox and increasing your battle level will allow you to earn more treasures as you go.

This time around the heroes getting cool new cosmetics are Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Sven, Silencer, Jakiro, Ursa, and Witch Doctor. The items vary from a new helmet for Sven, called Vigil Odyssey, to Awaleb’s Trundleweed for Witch Doctor. The most valuable items, however, are the rare set of wings you could get for Jakiro, or the super rare versions of the items for Witch Doctor and Slardar, or even the Ursa cub carrier.

Finally, there is a “cosmically rare” chance you could get a Divine Emblem, if you’re incredibly lucky.

If you’re looking to get any of these items then you first need to purchase the Battle Pass, and if you want a preview of all the new cosmetics that have landed in the game, you can see them all here under the Immortals section.

We currently have no idea when the Battle Pass is going to end, but we’re still waiting on the third instalment of the Immortal Treasure, so it can’t be any time soon.