Dota 2’s Sideshop shut down in latest battle pass update

Weekly Wagering has been reverted to last year's system too

Dota 2 Grimstock

The International 2020 battle pass has divided Dota 2 fans ever since it was released last week. Now, after making one round of changes based on community feedback, Valve has decided to make another set – this time altering several features so that they work similar to previous years.

Thanks to an update pushed live earlier today (June 5), the Weekly Wagering system now works how it used to in last year’s battle pass. This means there will be the same amount of battle points available to players from wagers.

In addition to changing the wagering system, Valve has also removed Sithil and Quirt’s Sideshop from the game. The shop was meant to give players more opportunities to do more with their earnings, but the community didn’t like it. The Sideshop has now been replaced by a recycling system similar to that of last year’s pass.

Valve has also confirmed that previously recycled Immortals will still count towards your progress and you’ll still get more as you continue to play. Any rewards earned through the Sideshop will also remain in player inventories and remaining gold can still be rolled by using the dota_show_sideshop command.

Last but not least, ticketing requirements for the Gauntlet have also been removed. This means players won’t need to buy tickets to prove their worth in the Battle Gauntlet anymore.

The new changes should be welcomed by the community given they’ve been complaining of nothing else in the last week. It also shows that Valve is prepared to listen to its fans, which is only a good thing.