Dota 2 will now let you turn off all information about who you’re playing with

Anonymous Mode lets you turn off messages and usernames for those you don't know

Dota 2's butcher

Most of playing Dota 2 is about your expertise, your instincts, and your teamwork. A clockwork (or should that be Clockwerk) performance of grace and elegance, with absolutely no toxicity whatsoever – okay maybe that last bit isn’t true, and Valve knows it.

If you are one of those that gets annoyed with player chat or find you come across offensive usernames regularly in Dota 2, then you might be happy to hear that Valve has added in Anonymous Mode. This setting will block out usernames, chat messages, avatars, and nicknames from your game. It will also prevent you from seeing information about a Guild you aren’t a part of.

This all makes the game a little more peaceful for those who don’t want to deal with toxicity and harassment that is present in many online competitive games – Riot is dealing with the same issues currently for Valorant.

Valve has also added a Guild contract tracker which makes it far easier for everyone to keep track of what contracts they still need to fulfil and how many more of each task they still need to perform.

Right now Dota 2 players are focused on its TI10 Battle Pass, especially Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince strangely enough, while we all wait for The International will take place.