Dota 2’s new Summer Event is called Aghanim’s Labyrinth

A host of monsters and bosses, time trials, and of course, rewards

Valve has unveiled its 2020 Summer Event for Dota 2, and it sees a famous face returning and summoning a whole host of tough enemies and challenges for players to battle through.

The mighty wizard Aghanim (you know, the guy with the Scepter) is back to put Dota 2 players to the test with Aghanim’s Labyrinth, a challenge that sees teams of four navigate a maze full of a “menagerie of monsters” that leads to tough boss battles and even tougher Ascension Levels. And the best part about Aghanim’s Labyrinth? It’s free for everyone, even if you don’t have the Battle Pass. Nice.

So what exactly will you be doing and, most importantly, what will you get in return for completing runs of the Labyrinth? Well, for each time you enter the Labyrinth you can choose your own path through it, deciding on which skills you’ll acquire and which of Aghanim’s beasties you want to take on. Throughout each run, you’ll also acquire Aghanim’s Scepter Shards which will “augment your heroes abilities in unique ways,” according to the event page.

A variety of bosses will also appear in the Labyrinth, and if you’re skilled enough to defeat them you can then start the Ascension Levels. These essentially make Aghanim’s Labyrinth harder to complete, and there are four levels of increasing difficulty. On completing each level, you will be rewarded with a new chat wheel voice line from Aghanim himself.

But if all of that isn’t enough to get your competitive juices flowing, then there will be a weekly global competition to see who is the true master of the Labyrinth.

Aghanim’s Trials will see a randomly generated Labyrinth appear each week and will encourage players to complete it as quickly as possible. There will be a global leaderboard displaying everyone’s times and this will refresh each Sunday along with a new randomised Labyrinth. However, players will only have a two-hour slot in which to set a blistering Trials time, so be prepared.

Rewards are also up for grabs for the world’s top Trials competitors each week, with the prize for the first-placed team being an Aghanim’s Interdimensional Baby Roshan. Neat.

There will also be exclusive rewards for the top three and top ten players, while all players that defeat the first boss will receive an Aghanim in-game effect.

As well as all this lovely content, runs of Aghanim’s Labyrinth will help you earn up to 2,000 points each week towards your Battle Pass, so get battling some beasties and tearing up Trials for what looks to be a decent Summer Event.