Majority of Dota 2’s heroes nerfed in controversial Aghanim’s Labyrinth patch

Over 100 of Dota 2's 119 champions were changed, and fans aren't too happy

Just two days into Dota 2’s Aghanim’s Labyrinth Summer Event, Valve has dropped a huge patch that sees changes made to the majority of the game’s heroes – and it’s mostly nerfs.

While the reception to the Summer Event has been largely positive, many Dota 2 fans are not happy with Patch 7.27b, which has tweaked over 100 of the game’s 119 heroes as well as five items. Fans on the Dota 2 subreddit have rallied to express their disappointment at the patch, saying that the Summer Event should be about having fun and not “struggling to the point of frustration.”

With Aghanim’s Labyrinth only being live for just a couple of days, fans were surprised to see Valve make such drastic changes so soon into the event. Many believe the changes were made to make it harder for players to try and earn the free weekly Battle Points on offer during the event to level up their The International 10 Battle Passes, which have so far made close to $30,000,000 for the tournament’s prize pool.

It could also be in preparation for the competitive Aghanim’s Trials mode that releases next week, which gives players two-hour slots to try and beat randomly generated Labyrinth’s as quickly as they can and have their times put on a global leaderboard.

Please revert the Aghanim’s Labyrinth nerfs from r/DotA2

Dota 2 personality Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner was amazed that Valve had gone to town on the game’s heroes during the event, questioning why they would nerf heroes in a mode “that is so dependent on RNG.”

Either way, this extensive patch that brings changes to nearly all of the game’s heroes has gone down like a lead balloon with many in the Dota community during an event that should be a fun change of pace, but has now been made a more difficult game mode for everyone.