This Destiny 2 bot will alert you when Vex Strike Force is active

If you keep missing out on the Destiny 2 Vex Strike Force event, then help is finally at hand. Thanks to a new Discord bot, you can now keep tabs on spawns.

Destiny 2 Vex Strike Force Discord bot: Rohan

Ah, the Destiny 2 Vex Strike Force public event. For many, furiously scouring Neomuna during the event’s spawn window started out as a habit, but is now an obsession as they seek to load up on Exotic loot. Fortunately, the days of fearing missed events are over, as a new Vex Strike Force Discord bot has been developed to ping you when the Minotaur Supernumeros arrive.

Sharing the bot to Reddit, ‘Buuz135’ says that the tool – dubbed ‘Asher Mir’ – constantly scours the map using a mixture of image recognition and image-to-text to check if a Vex Strike Force is active. Even better is that everything is “completely automated”, so users just need to sit back, relax, and await the ping.

Players can check out the bot for themselves here. The creator notes that it still needs “some refinement as a Discord Bot”, so there’s definitely scope for improvement should it not immediately meet your needs.

The Vex Strike Force is a unique public event which has a small chance of spawning hourly, between quarter to and quarter past the hour. By defeating six Minotaur Supernumeros within the time limit, players earn one random piece of Exotic loot, the pool of which includes some of the Destiny 2 best weapons and Destiny 2 best armor pieces.

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Now, thanks to Asher Mir, players will no longer have to feel the cold sweat of knowing that they have once again missed out on the chance to easily snag top-tier loot. We’re certainly going to be resting easier at night.