Destiny 2 Lightfall Tormentors offer up some Dark Souls-style battles

Finding yourself beaten and battered by the Destiny 2 Lightfall Tormentors? You're not alone, as the divisive new enemy type from Bungie is hotly debated.

Tormentor enemies in Destiny 2 Lightfall

So, you’ve got past the Destiny 2 Lightfall login issues and are just about ready to head to Neomuna. Not without fighting a Tormentor first. Destiny 2 Lightfall, the latest expansion from Bungie, brings a wealth of treats to the popular looter shooter, but it’s the Tormentor enemies that are proving to be one of the more difficult obstacles already. The brutal enemies are becoming legendary with the Destiny 2 community for their appearance and difficulty.

Destiny 2 community members over the game’s subreddit are knuckling down in debate, as Redditor ‘CT-4426‘ asks: “Now that Lightfall is out and we’ve had a chance to fight them, what do you think of Tormentors? Do you think they are Better or worse than Hive Guardians from [the] Witch Queen?” For those of you yet to start Destiny 2 Lightfall, the Tormentors are a new enemy type controlled by The Witness.

Tormentors appear in confined areas too, making it hard to defeat them swiftly. Throughout all the Destiny 2 Lightfall missions, you’ll come across torrents of fresh lore to decipher. Alongside The Witness, we’ve gathered that Tormentors are humanoid-type figures with the ability to shape Void energy while wielding weapons made of Pyramid technology. However, they aren’t easy to kill.

Others like ‘Key_Point_4063_‘ are quick to express that they “remind me of a Dark Souls mini-boss”, though others aren’t as enthusiastic to welcome their arrival.

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Sporting a haunting visage and a devastating array of attacks, Redditor ‘Caelen_Trupp‘ says “they are f**king terrifying. After destroying both of their arm weak spots they just go full sicko mode and sprint towards your melee range, all while suppressing you every five seconds.”

Alongside their seemingly impossible difficulty, the Tormentors are “awesome enemies, I love their designs […] Bungie did a great job making them come across as intimidating,” according to ‘Hexiix’. “Better but definitely not how I thought they’d be, most of the time I just ran from them and they couldn’t catch up,” says ‘OFFER420’. Conversely, fellow guardian ‘MisterJack1871‘ vents the following: “I f**king hate them, most of the time against [Tormentors] I spent it running, only the machine guns seem to be very effective against them.”

We’ve got it sussed for you if you’re wondering how to kill Destiny 2 Tormentors. And don’t worry, there’s a fix for those Destiny 2 login issues too.