Destiny 2 needs a Call of Duty Zombies-style horde mode

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen has plenty of PvE content, but we still think there's room for a proper horde mode, similar to Call of Duty Zombies

Destiny 2 horde mode: A split image showing a Destiny 2 character wielding a glaive, and a screenshot of multiple zombies from Call of Duty Zombies

It’s safe to say that you are pretty well catered for when it comes to content in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. While Crucible hasn’t seen much love of late, and the significant Destiny 2 Gambit changes have resulted in the mode being rather ropey, players have had few qualms about the PvE offerings in Season of the Risen. However, there is one gap in the PvE content that I – and judging by a recent Reddit post, hundreds of other Destiny players – think needs filling. Bungie, please give us a horde mode in Destiny 2.

I realise this is something that has been asked for by players at various times throughout Destiny 2’s life, but with the topic reappearing again, I thought it’d be a good time to weigh in on this. The Reddit post in question from ‘CaduceusIV’ currently has over 1,700 upvotes, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all their points, I do agree with the sentiment.

The closest thing Destiny 2 really had to a scaling horde mode was vaulted well over 12 months ago – that being Escalation Protocol on Mars – and while there are plenty of activities stuffed with various enemy types for you to slay, none scale in difficulty or risk like Escalation Protocol used to.

I can understand why Bungie might be hesitant to add a horde mode into Destiny 2, as several mechanics and systems would be made incredibly easy. Rattling through Banshee bounties and exotic weapon catalyst challenges would become trivial, as would extracting material from red border weapons for the new crafting system. But even if it would mean disabling my progress on other systems, I’d still love to jump into a horde mode in the game. Plus, I think Bungie has a base and the talent to create one of the best experiences out there – especially if it were to take a little inspiration from Call of Duty’s popular Zombies modes.

While Zombies’ most recent iteration in Call of Duty Vanguard certainly isn’t what fans might expect, I think I would self-combust if Bungie was to ever drop Destiny 2’s gameplay into a round-based, story-driven, easter egg-stuffed mode that harks back to the heyday of classic Call of Duty.

There are so many aspects of Destiny 2 that would work so well in a horde mode, and something that scales to ungodly levels of difficulty would mean high-skilled players would have yet another activity to keep them occupied.

I won’t go into exactly how I would design and set up an ideal theoretical horde mode, as there are so many possibilities that exist within Destiny 2 already that could be used to create it. But whatever form it would take, I’d be down for it – as would plenty of others in the community.

It does seem a tad ungracious calling for a new PvE mode when there is plenty on offer already in The Witch Queen, but after seeing that Reddit post today, it’s all I can really think about.

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