Destiny 2 Lightfall exotic Final Warning is already a menace in PvP

Destiny 2 Lightfall is unleashing the might of the Final Warning, which could end up as a powerful PVP problem for players using this Destiny 2 exotic weapon.

Destiny guardian wielding Final Warning exotic weapon in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 players have seen some exceptionally brutal weapons appear in the past. Whether it is the reliable Hawkmoon or the legendary Gjallarhorn, players are now seeing Destiny 2 Lightfall exotic weapon Final Warning prove to be a serious PVP contender. However, its menacing might could pose bigger issues for the Destiny 2 community, especially if developer Bungie doesn’t step in to nerf its overwhelming ferocity.

The Final Warning is a new exotic weapon that arrives with Destiny 2 Lightfall. If you’re yet to unlock the Destiny 2 Final Warning exotic, then now is the time to do so, as the potent pistol is stepping up as an early dominator in battles. Showing off its unrelenting potential, Bungie and Destiny 2 fan account ‘Destiny Bulletin‘ says: “The new Strand sidearm Final Warning is absolutely CRACKED in PvP.”

With the ability to track enemies, the Final Warning exotic can be a nasty weapon to evade during the heat of a close-quarters gunfight. Its tracking is so pinpoint that it’s impressing the likes of fellow community account ‘Destiny Tracker‘: ” [The] Final Warning exotic sidearm is insane! That tracking!”

One of the first Destiny 2 Strand weapons, the Final Warning will be a hit with those familiar with Titanfall 2’s Smart Pistol. The continuous firing of the sidearm charges up its rounds, making crowd control situations a breeze if you wield it correctly. Just don’t forget to collect those Destiny 2 Strand Fragments first.

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