Destiny 2 best armor – top Exotics for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans

In The Season of Plunder, its crucial to have the best Destiny 2 armor equipped to take on tough bosses in raids, dungeons, and other activities

Destiny 2 best armor: A Titan, Hunter, and Warlock stand in a line wearing fiery armor sets

This far into Destiny 2’s life cycle, we find ourselves with a veritable cornucopia of Exotic armor pieces that can make almost any build viable, at least to some extent. In Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, Arc 3.0 has even led to Guardians blowing the dust off some of their lesser-used Exotics. While listing all the top options would take days, we’ve collated a list of the best Destiny 2 armor pieces for each class.

The introduction of the 3.0 subclass reworks has brought even more build diversity to the game, but nothing maximises the effectiveness of a playstyle like using the right Exotic at the right time. Bear in mind these armor pieces don’t necessarily need specific builds to work, though some are reliant on a certain subclass.

Read on to see our picks for the best Destiny 2 armor pieces available for each class in The Season of Plunder.

Best Destiny 2 Armor – Hunters

The best Destiny 2 armor pieces for Hunters in The Season of Plunder are:

  • Assassin’s Cowl
  • Omnioculus
  • Shards of Galanor
  • Star-Eater Scales
  • Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk
  • Frost-EE5

Destiny 2 best armor: A Destiny 2 helmet covered in a blue webbing

Assassin’s Cowl – Helm

Hunters have plenty of options when it comes to Exotic helmets, but one of the most versatile and outright useful is the Assassin’s Cowl. Thanks to the subclass reworks, powered melees are the order of the day, and this helm gives every subclass invisibility and a boost to health on a powered melee kill. Can’t do much about the glowing blue veil though, unfortunately.

  • Source: World drop

Omnioculus – Chest

Some Exotics are built for utility, some for fun, and this chest piece sits in the middle of that bar. In group activities it excels, giving Nightstalker Hunters a second Smoke Bomb and causing invisibility to boost the damage resistance of nearby allies. Particularly strong when used by coordinated teams in Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner Rift.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Shards of Galanor – Arms

This has been a go-to Exotic for Solar Hunters for a long time, even outperforming the mighty Celestial Nighthawk in the right hands. Your Blade Barrage hits or kills refund Super energy when wearing the Shards, and in the right situations can give back almost 50% of your Super charge each time you use it. It’s lethal in PvP, or for mob-clearing in PvE activities. Solar 3.0 Hunters with this Exotic are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Source: World Drop

Star-Eater Scales – Legs

Mostly slept on until Season of the Haunted, the Star-Eater Scales boost Super damage when you collect Orbs of Power. The nerf to Orb drops make them less useful in solo play, but for group activities like Raids, Dungeons, and Nightfall Strikes, the abundance of Orbs make these an absolute menace to bosses. Focused Supers like Blade Barrage can do record damage when you need it most.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk – Chest

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk (that’s pronounced jur-falcon, by the way) is truly menacing for Void builds. The unique perk grants increased weapon damage when you emerge from invisibility, and kills while invisible – or Finishers – grant an overshield and ability regen to you and allies.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Frost-EE5 – Legs

While you could argue as vehemently for Stomp-EE5 in this spot, the Frost-EE5 Exotic Legs are just that little bit more useful for a generalist playstyle. Sprinting in them speeds up Ability regen, and dodging mid-sprint increases your movement speed. They work with any subclass, but feel especially useful with Arc 3.0.

  • Source: World drop

Destiny 2 best armor: A Titan chest piece in Destiny 2 that is made of white and gold metal

Best Destiny 2 Armor – Titans

The best Destiny 2 armor pieces for Titans in The Season of Plunder are:

  • Loreley Splendor Helm
  • Synthoceps
  • Second Chance
  • Cuirass of the Falling Star
  • Point-Contact Cannon Brace
  • Phoenix Cradle

Loreley Splendor Helm – Helm

You may have seen videos of Titans standing around emoting amid relentless salvos of enemy fire. Well, the culprit in those videos is the Loreley Splendor Helm. Solar 3.0 made Titan Sunspots incredibly powerful when the Sol Invictus Aspect is equipped. This helm creates a Sunspot when your health is critically low (around 25%), or when you drop a barricade. The restoration effect works fast enough to counteract incoming damage, making you a walking – or standing – battle tank.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Synthoceps – Arms

Titans love to punch things, and these arms make punching things even more fun. The unique perk is Biotic Enhancements, which boost melee damage when surrounded. Regardless of subclass, they’ll turn your Titan into a pummeling powerhouse.

  • Source: World drop

Second Chance – Arms

For Void Titans, the new Shield Throw ability is incredible. Paired with the Offensive Bulwark Aspect, hits with it grant an overshield, boosting damage resistance. Now imagine getting two throws at a time. The Myrmidon’s Reach perk on Second Chance does exactly that, so you can get your Captain America on and start flinging shields to your heart’s content.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Cuirass of the Falling Star – Chest

Ever wanted to just destroy something, to become a ball of white-hot destructive energy and completely atomise your enemies? Yeah, us neither. But if you do find yourself itching to obliterate a small island nation on your own, this Exotic will get it done. It turns Titans into literal Arc missiles, granting an overshield during Thundercrash and increasing the damage of the eventual explosion.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Point-Contact Cannon Brace – Arms

Destiny 2 players like to joke about Titans punching things, but this Exotic is built for exactly that. An absolute beast with Arc 3.0, these Exotic Arms apply melee regen to your Thunderclap powered melee ability, as well as adding a secondary effect to the attack. This secondary effect calls down a mini lightning storm that fries surrounding enemies. When you’re Amplified, it’s even deadlier.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Phoenix Cradle – Legs

Built for Solar 3.0, the Phoenix Cradle legs are incredible with the Sol Invictus Aspect equipped. They make the effects of Sol Invictus last longer, but also make your Sunspots apply the same effect to allies – along with Restoration. Solar 3.0 is very much about survivability and the healing power of the sun, and the Phoenix Cradle legs embody that.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Destiny 2 best armor: A set of red and black leg armor in Destiny 2

Best Destiny 2 Armor – Warlocks

The best Destiny 2 armor pieces for Warlocks in The Season of Plunder are:

  • Sunbracers
  • Boots of the Assembler
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony
  • Ophidian Aspect
  • Crown of Tempests
  • Fallen Sunstar

Sunbracers – Arms

While you’ll need to be using Solar grenades to make the most of this Exotic, it’s devastating with the right build. It makes your Solar ‘nades burn for longer, dishing out more damage and stacks of scorch, while powered melee kills cause your grenade energy to instantly refill for a brief duration.

  • Source: World drop

Boots of the Assembler – Legs

This Exotic is a beast for group PvE activities. The unique perk creates Seekers that either heal or buff allies depending on the Rift you summon, and each ally affected extends the period of the Rift. Not only can you keep the fireteam alive for longer, you can also maximise everyone’s damage on a boss or tough enemy.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Mantle of Battle Harmony – Chest

While this Exotic works well with any sublcass, pairing it with Arc 3.0 and a weapon like Riskrunner or Trinity Ghoul make it ridiculously useful. The Absorption Cells Perk causes kills with a damage type matching your subclass to increase Super regen. If your Super is already full, the Perk buffs weapon damage. 

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

Ophidian Aspect – Arms

These Exotic arms arguably suit the Hunter better, depicting coiled snakes and granting a passive buff to reload speed, handling and melee range. But the buff to airborne effectiveness makes them massively useful to Solar 3.0 sky-snipers and Warlocks who like to stay above the battlefield.

  • Source: World drop

Crown of Tempests – Helm

A perfect fit for an Arc 3.0 build, Crown of Tempests can also roll with increased mobility if you’re lucky. The intrinsic Perk is Conduction Tines, which boosts the regeneration rate of Arc abilities on Arc or Jolt kills. It also increases the duration of your Stormtrance Super.

  • Source: World drop

Fallen Sunstar – Helm

This is another Exotic that’s almost crying out for Bungie to nerf it. Brand new in Season of Plunder, this helm causes your Arc Ionic Traces to move faster and recharge your abilities quicker. Not only that, but it will also apply the same regen to your allies. Combine it with the Delicate Tomb Fusion Rifle, and it’s an Ionic Trace bounty. Just a shame it looks so silly.

  • Source: Complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors, solo

So there you go: four of the very best Destiny 2 armor pieces for all three classes to help you maximise your effectiveness while mowing through the enemies of humanity. If you’re looking for some new tools for said mowing, check out out best Destiny 2 weapons guide.